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Caldo Verde ››:

20031026caldoverde.jpg Caldo Verde is a Portuguese soup made of potato, garlic, garlicky sausage (chourico or linguica), olive oil and finely shredded greens (Galician cabbage in Portugal, kale here in the U.S.). Many recipes also include onion - but, that's about the only variation I could find as far as ingredients go. The finely shredded greens, cut no wider than blade of grass, cooked for only a few minutes in the finished potato based soup, is the dish's signature. They provide a subtle crunch against the creaminess of the potato.

Almost every English language recipe on the web appears to be a copy of the one found in Jean Anderson's excellent book The Food of Portugal. It's the one I use, and it involves sautéing thinly sliced potato and onion in some olive oil, adding water and letting it simmer until the potatoes fall apart. While that's going on, you shred the kale using a traditional chiffonade technique and cook thinly sliced cured sausage in a pan over low heat until the fat is rendered (we're partial to linguica because it's nice and garlicky, but so spicy that the kids won't eat it). When the potatoes are fully cooked you either mash them in the soup with a potato masher, an immersion blender, or pureé everything in a blender or food processor. You put it all back in the pot, along with the sausage (drained first on paper towel), bring the soup to a boil. After about five minutes you add the shredded greens and let them cook in the boiling soup for about five minutes. Ladle the soup into bowls, drizzle on a bit of the extra virgin Portuguese olive oil, and serve with any good bread and a nice Albarino from Rias Baixas (which happens to be on the Spanish side of the Galicia region that straddles northern Portugal and northwestern Spain).

Posted on Oct 26, 2003 @ 08:17 PM [2 Comments on Caldo Verde]

Peter's Getting Married and He Damn Well Better Like Sausage ››:

fresh Italian pork sausage links This here is 20 pounds of pork sausage. And, I made it myself.

First, let me tell you that sausage making is wicked pissa. I mean, look at this stuff!

Second, the “I” in “I made it myself” is a gross exageration of epic proportions. There would not be a photo of 20 pounds of raw pork sausage on Simmer Stock if it were not for the efforts of the love of my life and bride of 15 years (as of yesterday), Francie. Not only did she do all the legwork of ordering and picking up most of what's needed for Peter's Rehearsal dinner, she spent three hours with me at the Kitchenaid helping me stuff thid sausage. If that's not love, well, I don‘t know what is.

Posted on Sep 19, 2003 @ 01:26 AM [4 Comments on Peter's Getting Married and He Damn Well Better Like Sausage]

Gumbo z'Herbes ››:

Gumbo z'Herbes over rice with some gumbo filé When I last visited the world of gumbo, our friend Chuck suggested taking a stab at Gumbo z'Herbes with any leftover tasso we may have. Well, I woulda, right then, right there, 'cept it was the middle of January, and I'm in New England — neither the right time or place to be making something calling for a dozen or so variety of fresh greens, even if I did have some lovely tasso looking for a pot to stew in back then. So now that it's summer and obtaining fresh quality greens takes little effort (can't help but make another plug for Russo's in Watertown. Hurray for Russo's!) I was determined to follow Chuck's recommendation. There was only one problem — I didn't have any left over tasso. So I made Chuck's Gumbo z'Herbes pretty much as written. It was awesome. But he's right, it'd probably have been even awesomer with some tasso. Next time. Ah, yes. Next time.

Posted on Aug 02, 2003 @ 07:54 PM [2 Comments on Gumbo z'Herbes]

Sufferin' Succotash ››:

Maple Glazed Duck served with Succotash on Johhnycakes Who doesn't look forward to a traditional Memorial Day dinner of maple glazed roast duckling served over johnny cakes with Succotash di Fave to kick off the summer?! Here in the Boston area, we've had nothing but cloudy skies, light rain and temperatures in the fifties since Friday. Today, Memorial Day here in the USA, the unofficial start of summer, one of the biggest light–up–the–backyard–grill–to–cook–the–bejeebus–out–of–cheap–hot–dogs–and–hamburgers days of the year, it's been nothing but torrential downpours and temperatures in the forties. And for all of this I say "Thank You!" If it weren't this fall–like day on this first day of the summer cooking season, I'd never have discovered the joy of succotash.

MOREon Sufferin' Succotash...

Posted on May 26, 2003 @ 09:11 PM [4 Comments on Sufferin' Succotash]

Happy Patriots Day 2003 ››:

Red Barn Coffee Roasters Marathon Blend Label Today is the 107th running of the Boston Marathon, which means it must also be Patriots Day here in Massachusetts. Or is it the other way around? Doesn't really matter. What matters is that some people have the day off so the commute in will be easy. Just me, a travel mug of Red Barn, and the Mass Pike. Of course the journey into Boston today will require a lot more effort of the 20 some odd thousand people gathering about two miles from my house at the starting line in Hopkinton to run the 26 miles, 385 yards into the city.

Geesh. What some people will do to avoid a few tolls!

Posted on Apr 21, 2003 @ 07:47 AM [0 Comments on Happy Patriots Day 2003]

Pasta Frittata ››:

Francie's in New York City with her mom, Joan, and sister Mel. So what can I do when I need to make a meal for one and have little more than leftover spaghetti from the kids' dinner? Use the pasta, some herbs and garlic and a couple of eggs to create a Frittata.

If you have kids, this is a wonderful and very quick, very simple yet very elegant meal. Here it goes...

MOREon Pasta Frittata...

Posted on Apr 11, 2003 @ 10:32 PM [0 Comments on Pasta Frittata]

Find The Oven Roasted Potatoes ››:

Pan-Seared Rib-Eye steak with Roasted Beets and Sauteed Onions and Beet Greens Tonight I pan–seared some rib–eye steak and served them up with roasted beets, sautéd onions and beet greens and herbed (garlic and thyme) oven roasted potatoes. Look closely at the photo and let me know where the oven roasted potatoes are...

Posted on Apr 06, 2003 @ 08:12 PM [2 Comments on Find The Oven Roasted Potatoes]

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